Friday, December 30, 2011

As this lovely year goes by.

As this lovely year goes by,
Let us try to hold the moments of togetherness,
For time can change
But memories stay by!
Let us rejoice those moments,
Let us cherish the togetherness,
Let us welcome the New Year,
As this lovely year goes by!

As this lovely year goes by,
Let us try to forget and forgive,
For time can heal
All the bitter memories away!
Let us forget the failures,
Let us forgive those who hurt,
Let us welcome the new friends,
As this lovely year goes by!

As this lovely year goes by,
Let us try to build something new,
For unity can create,
what hatred has taken away!
Let us join our hands,
Let us connect our hearts,
And cultivate new hopes,
As this lovely year goes by!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

तेरे दीदार पा कर सारा आलम ही भूल आये हैं हम.

मोहब्बत अधूरी रह जाएगी,
हसरत भी अधूरी जाएगी,
क्या करेंगे जी कर,
तुम बिन यह ज़िन्दगी भी अधूरी रह जाएगी.

बहुत याद किया है,
बहुत प्यार किया है ,

क्या करें तेरी हसरत ने,
बहुत दिल को बेचैन किया है.

तुझे मिलने की हसरत है,
प्यार में कुछ कहने की तमन्ना है,
बस पास बैठो तुम,
प्यार भरी नज़र की चाहत है.

कुछ कह न पाए हम,
मिल कर इकरार कर न पाए हम,
तेरे दीदार पा कर
सारा आलम ही भूल आये  हैं  हम.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I surrender as He loves!

As He walks,
the green grass softens,
sparkles like dazzling emeralds,
dew drops shimmer like diamonds,
and red flowers glisten like rubies!

As He talks,
birds stop and listen,
butterflies perch quietly,
their eyes glistening with the love
and their hearts beat to the movement of lips. 

As He sings
waves fall and rise,
sun gently gives way to the clouds,
raindrops bestow the cosmic rhythm,
and rainbow splashes the hues across the horizon!

As He loves,
flowers bloom,
fragrance of unity penetrates, 
brillance of communion spreads,
and the gloominess dissipates!

I follow as He walks,
I listen as He talks,
I dance as He sings
I surrender as He loves!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As I feel..........

Like a rainbow, I have many shades,
Shades that merge and shades that stand distinct!

As I feel free,
Free enough to blow like air,
Free enough to flow like water,
I feel so tamed,
Like a bird in a cage
That yearns to spread its wings in the sky,
That yearns to taste the fruits in the forest!

As I stand tall,
Tall enough to touch the clouds,
Tall enough to have conquered the mountains,
I feel so small,
Like a little baby
That yearns for his mother’s arms,
That yearns for when not picked up or looked at!

As I feel strong,
Strong enough to have crossed the seven seas,
Strong enough to have turned the winds
I feel so fragile
Like a newborn baby
That cries when pushed out of the womb,
That cries with every unknown face or sound!

As I feel loved,
Loved enough to be surrounded by dear ones,
Loved enough to feel secure,
I feel revulsion
Like a rejected lover,
That loathes every love letter he wrote,
That loathes every verse he dedicated to the beloved!

As I look beautiful,
Beautiful enough to charm all,
Beautiful enough to create exquisiteness around,
I feel ugly
Like a dark soul
That detests goodness around,
That rejects radiance of divinity!

As I act kind,
Kind enough to comfort aching bodies,
Kind enough to pacify irate hearts,
I feel cruel
Like a piercing knife
That slays a chaste essence,
That betrays the trust and companionship!

Like a coin
I have two faces
Those always stay with me –
I cannot feel the warmth without the cold
And not love without revulsion.
I feel the fullness with the emptiness
And perfection with the flaw!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

मंजिल की चाह में...

बहुत दिन भटके हैं हम,
इस राह से से उस राह तक,
मंजिल की चाह में.

हर पत्थर को पूजा है,
बहुत प्यार से संजोया है,
हर ज़र्रे को आँखों में बसाया है
मंजिल की चाह में,
इस राह से उस राह तक.

हर ठोकर को अपनाया है,
होंठों से चूमा है,
धुल को काजल बनाया है,
मंजिल की चाह में,
इस राह से उस राह तक.

हर टूटी राह पर चले है,
ज़ख्मों को हंस कर सहा है,
आंसुओं से हर ग़म धोया है,
मंजिल की चाह में,
इस राह से उस राह तक.

हर वोह पल साँसों में बसे हैं,
टूटे हुए सपने आँखों से झलकते  हैं,
बिखरी हुई आशा को  समाया है,
मंजिल की चाह में,
इस राह से उस राह तक.

हर मंजिल को छु लिया है,
हँसते हँसते हर मुकाबला किया है
हर इच्छा को पूरा किया है,
पर अब न भटकेंगे हम,
इस राह से से उस राह तक,
क्यूंकि मंजिल की चाह में
मंजिल को पा लिया है!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

तरस गए हम....

तरस गए हम,
मौसम न जाने बदलेगा कब,
गरम हवाओं  से थक गए हम,
यह बादल जाने बरसेगा कब ?

तरस गए हम,
अन्धकार छटेगा  कब,
सनसनी आवाजों से डर गए हम,
यह सूरज जाने निकलेगा कब?

तरस गए हम,
 सन्नाटा  टूटेगा कब,
खामोशियों से घबरा गए हम,
प्यार का गीत सुनेगा कब?

तरस गए हम,
एकेलापन छूटेगा कब,
तनहाइयों में रो पढ़े हम,
साथ तेरा मिलेगा कब?

तरस गए हम,
इंतज़ार ख़तम होगा कब,
राह तकते तकते थक गए हम,
दीदार तेरा होगा कब?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My life.

             You are my flower
                          a blossoming flower
                          that fills fragrance in me.
                                       You are my star
                                        a shining star
                                        that fills light in me.
                                                    You are my rainbow
                                                     a million color rainbow
                                                     that fills color in me.
                                                                You are my breath
                                                                 a fresh breath
                                                                 that fills life in me.
Each day,
I rise to a harsh reality,
   I stink
      I murk
          I fade
              I die
                   for I have lost you - my flower,
                                                  my star,
                                                  my rainbow
                                                  my life.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Song of love.

You are in my heart,
playing with every beat,
singing the song of love,
to the tune of which
my heart dances
more than I realized.
more than I thought.

You are in my dreams,
taking me to the lands of ecstasy,
singing the song of love,
to the tune of which
my thoughts elate
more than I realized,
more than I thought.

You are in my soul,
endorsing the essence of my being,
singing the song of love
to the tune of which
my soul mesmerizes
more than I realized
more than I thought.

             You are everywhere
                   in the twinkle of the star
                   in the buoyancy of water
                   in the vigor of the wind
              as I stretch my hand
                   to touch you,
                   the star dies,
                   water retreats
                   and winds stand still.

                  I hear the song of love
                  as the birds chirp
                  and the bees hum
                  but as I try to complete
                  the song of love,
                  my silence resonates!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Moon and river

Shadowy night has emerged
from the setting sun;
the glare has disappeared
and the stars dazzle.

The moon softly moves across the rivers
shining silhouette in the water
endows a novel surge
to the placant waters.
              Waters jump over
                to reach their beloved;
              waters howl and cry
                to meet their beloved;
              waters devour the naive
                as they yearn for their beloved;
              waters turn callous
                as they long for their beloved.

Moon is detached,
unaware of the yearning.

It moves away smoothly,
river subsides,
but a deep ache penetrates
as the wait for the next night starts!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Melancholy of love

I looked at the rising sun-
            bright red
            my anger had scorched the peace within
            and blazed the divine sun.

I looked at the blooming flowers-
            bright yellow
            my sadness had dejected the happiness within
            and infuriated the radiant flowers.

I looked at the bright night-
            shadowy black
            my murkiness had  shattered the silver lining on the moon
            and threatened the rise of the new dawn.

I looked at the flowing river-
           sinuously sheer
           my grief had agitated the graceful flow of the water
           and aroused the insatiable thirst.

I looked at you-
           my sweetheart
           my reverence had longed for your admiration
           my breaths waited for your warm breaths
           my ears ached for your foot steps
           my eyes for your glance.
I looked at you-
           my darling
           my fondness has left a impenetrable stillness
           and a silent melancholy of passion
           that just echoes in the hollowness of my heart.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

दोस्तों के लिए दिल में दीप जलाये हैं
अगर रात भी हो तो  जगमगाए राहें!
हाथो को बढाकर 
प्यार से सब को थामा है 
ग़म हो यारो के दिल में
तो अपनी खुशियों को वारा है.


Monday, January 24, 2011

हर एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा.

सरहद से आई आवाज़,
छाती में उठा फिर जोश,
सर पे कफ़न बांधे है तयार
हर  एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा.

नज़रों से दिखा  न कुछ,
पर दिल ने  सजाया मंज़र
कुर्बानी का जज्बा जिसके  सीने में भरा
हर एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा.

गोलियों की बौछार को
फूलों सा उठाता वो
कलियों  की तरह महके
हर एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा .

हर अंग पे ज़ख्म उठाता
दुश्मन के हौसला पस्त करता
सीने पर गोली खाता
हर एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा.

भूला अपनों  की मुस्कान
न आया याद किसी का दुलार,
दिल में बसा सिर्फ भारत माता का प्यार
हर  एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा.

आसमान का वोह एक तारा
सूरज से कम नहीं
रोशन रहे, चमके सदा
हर एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा.

ना भूलें  उसकी कुर्बानी
ऋण रहे उसका याद  सदा
भगवान् का रूप
हर एक एक सैनिक भाई मेरा.