Friday, January 3, 2014


A ferocious animal in black stripes
In the green, grassy meadows
Stares quietly with steel grey eyes,
Tranquil, peaceful under the banyan shadows!

As I stare back,
His eyes begin to talk,
The pain, the loneliness is clear
For he has lost many of his loved ones and dear!

He has been caught unawares,
In the pursuit of esteem and glares,
Many heads hung over the wall
Humans failing to understand their own fall!

For tigers are bold and beautiful,
Help our ecosystem to stay bountiful,
Now named as t11, t21 or just numbers,
To see them in 100 years would be a wonder!

They were once the kings of the jungle.
And roamed freely, chase or mingle.
But now he sits alone and stares,
Waiting for just our love and cares.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ऐ हवा , ना रुको तुम........

ऐ हवा ,
ना रुको तुम,
बहती चलो,
संग  ले कर चलो तुम,
नयी रिश्तों की खुश्बोएं,
इधर-उधर बिखरी
बीती यादों की धूल.

रुक जाओंगी मैं,
अब न चलूंगी संग तुम्हारे,
कुछ देर,
अपने गुलमोहर की छाँव में बैठ,
लाल सुरख़ फूलों से
कुछ कहूँगी
और कुछ सुनूंगी।
बहुत बहकी तुम्हारे संग,
अब कुछ ठहर जाओंगी।

ऐ हवा ,
ना रुको तुम,
बहती चलो,
संग  ले कर चलो तुम,
नयी मंजिलों के सिलसिले ,
इधर-उधर बहके 
डगमगाए क़दमों के चिन्ह!