Thursday, May 19, 2011

Melancholy of love

I looked at the rising sun-
            bright red
            my anger had scorched the peace within
            and blazed the divine sun.

I looked at the blooming flowers-
            bright yellow
            my sadness had dejected the happiness within
            and infuriated the radiant flowers.

I looked at the bright night-
            shadowy black
            my murkiness had  shattered the silver lining on the moon
            and threatened the rise of the new dawn.

I looked at the flowing river-
           sinuously sheer
           my grief had agitated the graceful flow of the water
           and aroused the insatiable thirst.

I looked at you-
           my sweetheart
           my reverence had longed for your admiration
           my breaths waited for your warm breaths
           my ears ached for your foot steps
           my eyes for your glance.
I looked at you-
           my darling
           my fondness has left a impenetrable stillness
           and a silent melancholy of passion
           that just echoes in the hollowness of my heart.

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