Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lovers - Sun and river

Let us sit together,
by the banks of Ganga,
and watch the sun
as it gently imbues with water.
Two souls thorough in love
all-embracing come together
one slowly sets in,
other completely accepts.

The sun rises
above the beloved one,
burns in the pain of separation,
moves higher and higher
becomes a fiery demon
that burns everything and everyone.
Unable to take the pain,
the fiery lover gently retreats,
pain gradually cools down
as it surrenders to the river
and plays with the waves.
Finally as it immerses itself
sun glows with the aura of union
as it comes home to love!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friends for life

Two friends
sit across each other
with backs sightly bent
discuss what they bother.

Life has been kind ,
one says
for he has tasted
all the types of gin, rum and wine !

Life has been also nice
the other says
for he enjoyed being
tossed up and down like a dice!

Any regrets,
he asks the other,
something that you missed
and would like to get.
Replied the other,
life has been simple
infact quite smooth,
with a wife, son and daughter.
But cherry on the cake
are friends like you
and some free moments together
to walk down the lake.
The simple talk
without any care or heed;
no special destination
all I need is with you a simple walk.
Thanks for being with me in need,
simply standing besides me.
Moments spent were precious
true gems and rubies indeed!