Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't want to rush

Mommy, don't wake me up,
let me sleep more.
you think I am being languid,
however I am dreaming us together.
Please, let me enjoy the sweet dreams!

Mommy, don't ask me to gulp down,
let me enjoy bite by bite
you think I am dreaming
however I feel satiated and contented.
Please, let me enjoy every morsel!

Mommy, don't ask me to be first,
let me enjoy the alphabets, words and letters,
you think I am being disobedient,
however I am grasping complete and all.
Please, let me learn on my own!

Mommy, don't ask me to rush,
let me go at my own pace
you think I am dawdling
however I am stable and steady.
Please, let me enjoy the steps and strides I take.

Mommy, please slow down for me,
let me enjoy the passion,
you think I am being clingy,
however I love you the most.
Please, let me enjoy the togetherness!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ज़िन्दगी और में

मैंने कहा ज़िन्दगी से
रूठ के न जाओ तुम,
कुछ कह के, कुछ अपना कह के,
यूँ बेवफाई तो न बरसाओ तुम।

बेरुखी से वो बोली
मेरी तो तेरी थी ही नही कभी
जाने की बात करे हो तुम
में तो तेरे पास आई ही नही कभी.


We have lost our identity everytime we have introduced ourselves. Each time we sound so superficial; nothing from heart...just from the mouth. Words come out but no expressions. Everytime we have handshaked and said the name, we have actually pushed across not only who we are (with an objective to establish association in terms of religion, surname, place) but also what we want to be. We want to be associated with the poeple of the similar backgrounds. But little do we realize that where we have an association, the heart speaks.....there is no need for the words. Silence speaks. No need to share your glorious past or future aspirations; bonds establish by themselves. Kids make friends; hardly they ask for name. They enjoy just being with each other; building the castles together or sitting quietly with each other.
Let us also try to look into each others eyes and let them do the talking !