Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As I feel..........

Like a rainbow, I have many shades,
Shades that merge and shades that stand distinct!

As I feel free,
Free enough to blow like air,
Free enough to flow like water,
I feel so tamed,
Like a bird in a cage
That yearns to spread its wings in the sky,
That yearns to taste the fruits in the forest!

As I stand tall,
Tall enough to touch the clouds,
Tall enough to have conquered the mountains,
I feel so small,
Like a little baby
That yearns for his mother’s arms,
That yearns for when not picked up or looked at!

As I feel strong,
Strong enough to have crossed the seven seas,
Strong enough to have turned the winds
I feel so fragile
Like a newborn baby
That cries when pushed out of the womb,
That cries with every unknown face or sound!

As I feel loved,
Loved enough to be surrounded by dear ones,
Loved enough to feel secure,
I feel revulsion
Like a rejected lover,
That loathes every love letter he wrote,
That loathes every verse he dedicated to the beloved!

As I look beautiful,
Beautiful enough to charm all,
Beautiful enough to create exquisiteness around,
I feel ugly
Like a dark soul
That detests goodness around,
That rejects radiance of divinity!

As I act kind,
Kind enough to comfort aching bodies,
Kind enough to pacify irate hearts,
I feel cruel
Like a piercing knife
That slays a chaste essence,
That betrays the trust and companionship!

Like a coin
I have two faces
Those always stay with me –
I cannot feel the warmth without the cold
And not love without revulsion.
I feel the fullness with the emptiness
And perfection with the flaw!!

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