Wednesday, January 25, 2012

यह हसीं पल....

तेरी यादों की डोरी से
बंधे कुछ पल हैं,
सपनों की तरह  सजे,
यह  हसीं पल हैं!
 न यह डोरी टूटें
न यह सपने टूटें
तेरे प्यार से सजे
यह हसीं पल हैं.

न इस रात की सुबह हो,
न इस इश्क का कोई वैरी हो
मेरी धरकन  में बसे
यह हसीं पल हैं.

तेरी धरकन से बंधीं मेरी सांसें हैं,
मेरी सांसों में बसी तेरी खुश्बू है,
तेरी खुशबू  से महके,
यह हसीं पल हैं.
 न यह तेज़ धरकनों से डरें,
न यह गरम साँसों से जलें,
तेरे-मेरे प्यार के सपने,
यह हसीं पल हैं.

न ज़माने का  हो दस्तूर,
न इश्क को कोई करे मजबूर,
मेरे इरादों में बसे
यह हसीं पल हैं.

 तेरे दर्द में छुपे मेरे आंसू हैं,
मेरे आसुंओं में छुपा तेरा दर्द,
इस दर्द से तपे
यह हसीं पल हैं.
न यह दर्द कम हो,
न आसुओं का सैलाब रुके ,
तेरे-मेरे दर्द में बहे
यह हसीं पल.

न दर्द की दवा हो,
न आंसुओं पर बाँध,
तेरी-मेरी मुस्कराहट में छिपे,
यह हसीं पल.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I give up...

I give up my name
           that identified me,
           that qualified me,
           isolated me from you,
           seperated me from you,
I give up that name,
for now your name is my name!

I give up my self
            that esteemed me,
            that delighted me,
            detached me from you,
            disengaged me from you,
I give up that self,
for now I am united with you!

I give up my identity,
           that made me unique,
           that made me distinct,
           made me insecure,
           made me anxious,
I give up that identity
for now I am you!

I give up efforts
           that empowered me,
           that acknowledged me,
           made be vain,
           made me proud,
I cannot give up those efforts,
for now I don't exist,

for now I surrender!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You are my Nargis!

 You are my Nargis -
      beauty that captivates,
      finery that enthralls,  
      fragrance that intoxicates!

You are my Nargis -
      softness that  penetrates,
      richness that gratifies,
      luxuriousness that indulges!

You are my Nargis -
       serenity that pacifies
       tranquility that soothes,
                                                                                           quietude that comforts!

                                                                                    You are my Nargis -
                                                                                            white that fascinates,
                                                                                             yellow that incites,
                                                                                             green that fulfills!




Monday, January 9, 2012

I wait for you to return........

As day changes into night,
the birds fly home,

together in a flock
guided by their instincts
from the unknown lands
to their nests of love!

As day changes into night,
the sun slowly sets in,
immerses itself in the still water
embeds deeply behind the mountains
after traveling across the horizon
to their partners of love!

As day changes into night,
I wait,
for you to return,
to embrace me in totality,
after years and years of roving
to come to home of our love!