Thursday, April 8, 2010

House of my dreams!

I like -
Colourful butterflies
dancing up and down,
drinking nectar from the flowers of my garden.
I like my house full...
full of butterflies.

I like -
the blooming flowers,
yellow, pink and red,
swaying to the rays of sun.
I like my house full..
full of flowers.

I like -
the naughty kids,
laughing and crying kids,
running in and out the hallway.
I like my housefull..
full of kids.

I like-
the shrivelled old people,
gossiping and praying old poeple,
telling all the time the stories of past.
I like my house full..
full of old people.

I like my house full..
full of fragrances,
full of chirpiness..
full of liveliness...
full of hopes.....
full of blessings...
so come one
and come all
let us be together in the house..
house of my dreams!