Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! May the new year bring peace and prosperity to everyone!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


This sky is yours,
earth is yours
and the trees that grow
are yours too!

The sun is yours,
moon is yours
and the cool breeze that flows
is yours too!

The birds are yours,
the flowers are yours
and the water that flows
is yours too!

So go my sweetheart...
go pick your tree
bloomed to perfection
by love of air and water;
go smell the flowers
and quench the thirst
by the sweet nectar that flows by it!

open the arms,
fill the world in
as it belongs to you!

Monday, September 27, 2010


we walked
over the hills
down the plains.
Admiring the rainbow,
the wetness of the grass,
and gentle dew drops hanging,
over the leaves of the deodar trees!

we held
our hands.
Very warmly
we embraced.
Our eyes met again,
filled with tears and pain
we bade each other a goodbye!

I stood,
as tears flow
and heart aches.
I picked up flowers
trampled by your steps
and gently put them in the memoirs,
which I will keep aside and locked forever!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I stand at the door,
door of the house
waiting for you to come back!

As you had walked slowly
out of the house;
    I wish you had walked quietly
    out of our hearts as well;
          I wish you had walked gently
          out of our dreams as well;
                you stay there
                 as stagnant water
                 emanating stench
                             of betrayal,
                             of longingness,
                             of darkness,
                             of loneliness,
                             of silence,
                             of stillness!

I stand at the door,
door of the house
waiting for you to come back...
I have asked myself again,
     why do I wait ?
      I look inside,
      I find stillness!
     when something comes to an end
     with echoes of deadly silence
     with footsteps tired of the long walk !
     when something gets a new beginning
     with revelation of panoramic composition
     with spectacular journey of incessant love !

              I ponder
                   why this stillness........
             I am tired
                   of the long journey,
             I am tired
                   of the stillness,
             I am tired
                    of the stench !
             I ponder
                  why this stillness..........
            I am ready
                  for the new trail,
           I am ready
                  for the liveliness,
          I am ready
                  for the fragrances of love!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dry leaves.

Green leaves turn
dry leaves..
make lot of noise
when stepped on
as if
hurt terribly
cry for the branch they hung on to.
Away as they go...
leave the love behind..
Love that is lost forever..
love that dies and cries
for the soulmate left behind.

Friday, September 3, 2010


बहकते कदमो को राह मिल जाए,
भटकती निगाहों को तेरा दीदार मिल जाए,
अगली घडी ज़िन्दगी मिले न मिले,
पर तेरी मोहब्बत का इकरार मिल जाये !

सब कहते हैं हमपे एक नूर है,
हमरी निगाहों में एक चमक है,
हम कहतें हैं, हम कहाँ हैं ?
यह तो सिर्फ तेरी मोहब्बत का इकरार है !

आपके इकरार से,
प्यार के इज़हार से,
दुनिया हमारी बदल गयी,
क्या कहें,
जिंदा हैं पर जन्नत  हमने  पा ली !


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No where to find....

Passing through these roads again,
I felt a sharp pain !

I have walked down the lane,
in sunshine and also in rain!
And on the way,
every stone that I kicked,
or the leaf that I picked,
became my partner of joy!
Even the dust that touched my feet,
or stormed through my eyes,
has shared the wetness of my tears!
The squirrels on the trees,
played hide and seek
and shared my mother's cakes and pies!

But my heart today pains,
my eyes look out to search
for the familiar stones to rest,
pebbles to kick,
and squirrels to care!

I cannot find them anywhere..
everything was washed away
with the waters last night.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

House of my dreams!

I like -
Colourful butterflies
dancing up and down,
drinking nectar from the flowers of my garden.
I like my house full...
full of butterflies.

I like -
the blooming flowers,
yellow, pink and red,
swaying to the rays of sun.
I like my house full..
full of flowers.

I like -
the naughty kids,
laughing and crying kids,
running in and out the hallway.
I like my housefull..
full of kids.

I like-
the shrivelled old people,
gossiping and praying old poeple,
telling all the time the stories of past.
I like my house full..
full of old people.

I like my house full..
full of fragrances,
full of chirpiness..
full of liveliness...
full of hopes.....
full of blessings...
so come one
and come all
let us be together in the house..
house of my dreams!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lovers - Sun and river

Let us sit together,
by the banks of Ganga,
and watch the sun
as it gently imbues with water.
Two souls thorough in love
all-embracing come together
one slowly sets in,
other completely accepts.

The sun rises
above the beloved one,
burns in the pain of separation,
moves higher and higher
becomes a fiery demon
that burns everything and everyone.
Unable to take the pain,
the fiery lover gently retreats,
pain gradually cools down
as it surrenders to the river
and plays with the waves.
Finally as it immerses itself
sun glows with the aura of union
as it comes home to love!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friends for life

Two friends
sit across each other
with backs sightly bent
discuss what they bother.

Life has been kind ,
one says
for he has tasted
all the types of gin, rum and wine !

Life has been also nice
the other says
for he enjoyed being
tossed up and down like a dice!

Any regrets,
he asks the other,
something that you missed
and would like to get.
Replied the other,
life has been simple
infact quite smooth,
with a wife, son and daughter.
But cherry on the cake
are friends like you
and some free moments together
to walk down the lake.
The simple talk
without any care or heed;
no special destination
all I need is with you a simple walk.
Thanks for being with me in need,
simply standing besides me.
Moments spent were precious
true gems and rubies indeed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winds of North

O' Winds of North,
come blow by me,
gently sweep the lines of longingness away,
for many many years have I
longed to be united!

O' winds of North,
come blow by me,
gently sweep away the heartaches,
for many many years have I
yearned for the lost ones!

O' winds of North,
come blow by me,
gently relieve me of my burdens,
for many many years have I
borne the influence of my cherished ones!

O' winds of North,
come blow by me,
gently liberate me of my fears,
for many many years have I
dreaded the happenings and unhappenings.

O' winds of North,
come blow by me,
gently carry me away,
for many many years have I
watched everything go by!!