Monday, December 5, 2011

I surrender as He loves!

As He walks,
the green grass softens,
sparkles like dazzling emeralds,
dew drops shimmer like diamonds,
and red flowers glisten like rubies!

As He talks,
birds stop and listen,
butterflies perch quietly,
their eyes glistening with the love
and their hearts beat to the movement of lips. 

As He sings
waves fall and rise,
sun gently gives way to the clouds,
raindrops bestow the cosmic rhythm,
and rainbow splashes the hues across the horizon!

As He loves,
flowers bloom,
fragrance of unity penetrates, 
brillance of communion spreads,
and the gloominess dissipates!

I follow as He walks,
I listen as He talks,
I dance as He sings
I surrender as He loves!

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