Sunday, January 15, 2012

I give up...

I give up my name
           that identified me,
           that qualified me,
           isolated me from you,
           seperated me from you,
I give up that name,
for now your name is my name!

I give up my self
            that esteemed me,
            that delighted me,
            detached me from you,
            disengaged me from you,
I give up that self,
for now I am united with you!

I give up my identity,
           that made me unique,
           that made me distinct,
           made me insecure,
           made me anxious,
I give up that identity
for now I am you!

I give up efforts
           that empowered me,
           that acknowledged me,
           made be vain,
           made me proud,
I cannot give up those efforts,
for now I don't exist,

for now I surrender!!

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