Friday, September 24, 2010


I stand at the door,
door of the house
waiting for you to come back!

As you had walked slowly
out of the house;
    I wish you had walked quietly
    out of our hearts as well;
          I wish you had walked gently
          out of our dreams as well;
                you stay there
                 as stagnant water
                 emanating stench
                             of betrayal,
                             of longingness,
                             of darkness,
                             of loneliness,
                             of silence,
                             of stillness!

I stand at the door,
door of the house
waiting for you to come back...
I have asked myself again,
     why do I wait ?
      I look inside,
      I find stillness!
     when something comes to an end
     with echoes of deadly silence
     with footsteps tired of the long walk !
     when something gets a new beginning
     with revelation of panoramic composition
     with spectacular journey of incessant love !

              I ponder
                   why this stillness........
             I am tired
                   of the long journey,
             I am tired
                   of the stillness,
             I am tired
                    of the stench !
             I ponder
                  why this stillness..........
            I am ready
                  for the new trail,
           I am ready
                  for the liveliness,
          I am ready
                  for the fragrances of love!!


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