Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hunter's loss

There was this moment in my life, when I felt stranded - I chose to sit motionless in the hunter's net. Hunter's heart swelled with pride; he was joyful at the golden grab but the ecstasy didn't last long for I was faintly breathing. He was suddenly sad; I guess because he wished me to see the sparkle of victory in his eyes, and there, on the contrary, I was sitting very motionless. I was calm and praying. I was in the net, but the hunter was now feeling the lump in the throat. Despite being stranded, I felt free. I have taken control over the situation; not reacted to it in anyway; just embraced it. I knew, my endless fluttering would give a sense of victory so before dying I wanted to deny that pride and joy to my killer. I lay still; he held me and suddenly he felt a sense of remorse for already almost dead bird. He left me let me die on my own or to fly again !(?).

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