Monday, May 18, 2009

Bird's eyeview

Every now and then, here and there, one is required to do a analysis of the situation , product, service or of the individual itself. Everytime I have analysed a situation; I have done to have a better control and understanding of the situation and the next time similar situation arises, I am ready for it. I ponder, but is readiness everything ? Why do I really feel the urge to be ready for soemthing ? Why can't I be embrace the situation itself and then accept the consequences ?
Life has to be full - full of energy; full of vitality; full of experiences. But how do we measure fullness in life ? It is so abstract and vague - there is no scale to take the readings. But I believe it can be measured against the emptiness in life. The more the emptiness, more the fullness in the achievment later on. I believe to enjoy a situation, task, or a service to the fullest, get rid of all emotions, feelings - negative or positive doesn't matter; but just the hollowness. Take up a task, give your hundred percent and then what you get is the utter bliss and satisfaction. But then don't assume or own the success, let it go, embrace the emptiness again, take up a task, give your hundred percent and then experience bliss. Let this cycle go on. Enjoy the spurtness of the life.

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