Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moon and stone

As you wade in the sky,
spreading the shimmer to the dark night,
giving a gentle glow to languid clouds,
             I watch you,
             sitting by the door,
             witnessing the gradual wan,
             as days go by.
                       As you wan and diminish,
                       I wait for you to return,
                       with a silver touch,
                        to take my loneliness away.

 As you drift in the sky,
casting the manifestation in dark water,
giving a silvery blush to sleepy foliage,
             I watch you,
             sitting on the river bank,
             witnessing the gradual grow,
             as days go by.
                       As you waxen and flourish,
                       I take in enigma that you are ,
                       with magical rays
                       to take my loneliness away.

For years have passed,
I have waited,
for a companion to come,
to break my silence,
take away,
wash my curse away
and turn a stone into his Goddess of love.
Little did I realize,
Oh moon,
you have been my companion forever,
as you grew beautiful,
you still showered love on me!
Oh moon,
you have been my friend forever,
as you waxen,
you still sprinkled love on me!

Like a perfect lover,
in flawless love,
as you have accepted my stillness
I accept you complete always.....never small, never big!

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