Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Journey of life

So very often
I have stood at crossroads
looking at all the directions
waiting for a clue
where to go
to complete the journey-
the journey of life!

North is robust,
East very vivacious ,
South so surrendering,
West so abundant!

I look inside,
deep within I am vulnerable
and so I want to tread North
to gain the strength!

I look inside,
deeper I find fears and uncertainities
so I want to go East
to gain spontaneity!

I look furthur
I find intolerance
hence going South
I can surrender and tolerate more!

I look furthur and furthur
but find nothing - just hollowness
and so I hope going West
might fill me up!

Tell me,
oh lamp post,
you have stood here so many years,
you have seen so many passers by,
please tell me,
as you have answered others,
please show me your light
as you have shown path to others,
which direction to go
to complete the journey;
the journey of life -
completed so many times
yet incomplete everytime !


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