Sunday, July 5, 2009

Glorious sun

The crimson,
bright sun in the clear blue sky.
Golden streaks,
warm rays,
lustrous glow,
countless blessings pierce through me.
Warmth captivates,
greatness engrosses,
expanse fascinates,
simplicity charms,
gratitude mesmerises one and all.

Oh Glorious Sun,
I relinquish myself,
to let my ego burn
to let conviviality prevail.
I bequeath myself
to let my anger dissolve
to let affection prevail.
I capitulate myself,
to let my lust disappear,
to let devotion prevail.
I bestow myself,
to let my voracity raze
to let generosity prevail.
I forgo myself,
to let my attachment burn
to let disentanglement prevail.

Oh Glorious Sun,
take me in,
and let me dissipate.

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